15+ Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting (2021) & Paid

Minecraft is one of the most popular games today played by millions of people, from children to adults. The simplest explanation of Minecraft is that you are creating a world of your own with blocks. It is different from other video games full of impressive graphics and complicated commands. It is a relatively simple game, and it is very fun to play.

By putting blocks on one another, you are creating three-dimensional structures, there is no story, and you will write your own story in Minecraft. You can build buildings, people, plants, and so many other things. Depending on the type of game, you can create a war zone, protect your family and farm, and so many more. It would be best if you had lots of imagination, patience, and planning.

The simplicity, freedom, and entertainment Minecraft gives you make it one of the most played games in the world. There are two modes in Minecraft determined by the producers. In the first mode, you need to try to survive, and in the other one, you will be able to use your creativity to the fullest as you will determine what to do.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular game developed by Markus Alexej Persson. The game was bought by Mojang Studios in 2011, then later, Microsoft purchased the game in 2014. Minecraft was designed by getting inspiration from various games, including Dwarf Fortress and Tycoon. Before Minecraft was get launched, it was created in only seven days.

There are five game modes present in the game, which can be listed as follows:

  • Survivor
  • Hardcore
  • Creative
  • Adventure
  • Spectator

The development stage of Minecraft

The developer of Minecraft, Markus Alexej Persson was started coding when he was eight years old. Minecraft started to be developed on May 10, 2009, when Alexej Persson quit his job at King.com and started to code his own programs. He later took inspiration from other games such as Dwarf Fortress, Tycoon, Dungeon Keeper, and RollerCoaster while he was designing Minecraft.

While he was planning about what the base of the game should look like, he got influenced by another game named Infiniminer. While playing Infiniminer with other players, he decided to plan an isometric game and got into action to implement all his plans in real life.

While the calendars were spotting the date September 17, 2014, Microsoft bought the game from its former owner Mojang Studios for 2.5 billion dollars. Even though ideas were skeptical at the point when Microsoft purchased the game, Minecraft continued to its presence with enchanted success. Today, Minecraft continues its presence by being one of the most popular games in the world.

Why do you need free server hosting in Minecraft?

In the most straightforward words, server hosting allows you to do some stuff on Minecraft that you are not allowed to do otherwise.

For instance, Minecraft is a game open to anyone in the world, and it is inevitable to encounter other players and play with them. But with a Minecraft free server hosting, you can connect to Minecraft only with your friends to have a better game experience and have custom settings.

Best Minecraft Hosting Servers

Now, it is time to introduce you to the Minecraft Hosting Servers. Of course, we did our research and chose the best ones for our readers. The following are the top 16 best Minecraft Hosting Servers for you to have access to for free.


Hostinger is one of the very first hosting servers that come to mind when it comes to using Minecraft. With Hostinger, you can have an automatic backup system in every type of Minecraft game to not lose the progress you made, with the most manageable setup possible.

best free minecraft server hostinger

  • With Hostinger, you will have cloud-based VPS. If you are looking for consistent and safe Minecraft server hosting, then Hostinger must be on the list that you will consider.
  • You can find mod packs ready to use, in addition to the unique add-ons.
  • Hostinger also includes protection software to protect your device from any sort of disk failure.
  • With the integrated control panel, you will have access to your documents when you need to download them again.

But, when compared to other hosting servers, Hostinger does not have as much as servers in the world. This is a minus since more servers from the world are always a good thing to have.

You can go to Hostinger and start your adventure as soon as possible!


Another free Minecraft hosting server is Bisechosting. Bisechosting is a wonderful Minecraft hosting server with many pluses. Regardless of whether you are playing Minecraft with a small friend group or looking to set up another Minecraft hosting server, Bisechosting will be beneficial for you.

best free minecraft server bisect

Besides, Bisechosting is the best when you cannot decide what to do in the game. The main page of Bisechosting is designed so well that you will find basically everything for each of your needs in the game. You can choose the mode, the number of players, and the extra features that you want on the server, and this is it.

  • All plans in Bisechosting are included in a limitless NVMe SSD domain. This means that each server will get enough resources while having the highest performance possible.
  • Bisechosting has many server locations all around the world, including cities from the USA, Brazil, and Australia. With this many servers, you can have a fast and high-quality game regardless of how many players you will include in your game.

But of course, there are some downsides of Bisechosting as in every other server hosting. Some of the features in Bisechosting are only available for premium members, or you have to pay for the features to unlock them. Additionally, you can only get a refund three days after you purchase Bisechosting.

Go to Bisechosting and easily start your Minecraft adventure with the highest quality!

Apex Hosting

If you are looking for an enhanced mode option in Minecraft, then you must consider Apex Hosting. Apex Hosting includes two types of downtime, one of them being emergency downtime and the other one being scheduled downtime.

best free minecraft server apex

  • You can find over 200 modes in Apex Hosting Server, in addition to mini-games
  • Apex Hosting supports many servers, and you can switch among them as much as you would like to.
  • If you want to set up the hosting on your own, you can do this with Apex Hosting.
  • With the servers of Apex Hosting worldwide, you will have a considerably high game performance.
  • If you are a beginner in Minecraft, Apex Hosting will be very beneficial since it includes video guides that will help you begin the game.
  • You will have an automatic backup in all plans in addition to the limitless store domains.
  • You can get started in only five minutes after you download the Apex Hosting server.
  • Apex Hosting includes Bedrock and Java Edition series

However, one can only get a refund in 7 days after purchasing the Apex Hosting server. Actually, seven days is more than enough to experience and get to know the server, so it should not be an issue and should not be considered as a disadvantage.

Experience Minecraft Server Hosting, the Apex Hosting easily by clicking to the link.


If you are looking for a Minecraft Server Hosting that you can set up with only one click, then Scalacube is an excellent option for you since all it takes to set up ScalaCube is indeed one click. The following are some of the benefits of ScalaCube:

best free minecraft server scalacube

  • You can have access to a control panel to set an unlimited amount of game servers in addition to limitless slots with only one VPS server.
  • With ScalaCube, you can continuously monitor the number of players on the server.
  • While having full access to files, you can activate offsite back-ups of each Minecraft server.
  • You will be able to customize your platform from the bottom to the top and change the launcher design.

The disadvantages of ScalaCube includes only having four serves worldwide and not having a refund policy.


One of the most trustable and safe Minecraft server hostings is Shockbyte, and it is widely used by millions of people. Besides, it ensures a one hundred percent guarantee for working correctly.

best free minecraft server shockbyte

  • Shockbyte is a product of an expert company, meaning that there is little to no place for mistakes.
  • Shockbyte is are so assertive that if the fault on the server lasts for more than 5 minutes, they encourage you to file a claim for compensation.
  • Additionally, Shockbyte offers an entirely free will to create a world in Minecraft.
  • You will have various game modes, a comprehensive information base and video guides, and the opportunity to earn money from Minecraft servers in addition to an unlimited amount of disk domain.
  • Low latency with Shockbyte.

The only disadvantage that the users of Shockbyte reported is the refund policy, which is only valid 24 hours after purchase.

Having Minecraft server hosting is really easy with ScalaCube. Go there!


McProhosting is another Minecraft server hosting that is known all around the world with multiple databases in different cities. The benefits of the McProhosting server can be listed as follows:


  • McProhosting offers a mobile app for you to control the server when you are not able to have access to the device that you have McProhosting.
  • You do not need to worry about glitches or low performance while playing the game.
  • Besides, McProhosting has an automatic backup option that will store your game daily.
  • You will have access to the customer control panel.
  • You will have access to customer support with live chat, in addition to submitting a ticket.

One disadvantage of McProhosting is that the Java planners of it are relatively more expensive when compared to other Minecraft servers.

You can start your Minecraft hosting server service from Mcprohosting easily by clicking on the relevant link. Do not forget that you have 7 days of free Minecraft server service right on this platform, folks!


If you are an advanced Minecraft player who is looking for something more extra, then BeastNode is for you.


With BeastNode, you will have access to a dedicated IP number to have access to limitless storage in addition to unlimited bandwidth. With this opportunity, you can use SSD in a way that would lead you to play Minecraft without and glitches or lagging.

  • With BeastNode, you will have player slots differentiating from one to 160.
  • VPS servers and Minecraft come with control panels of their own with BeastNode.
  • The SSD offered in BeastNode allows you to play without any possible lagging.
  • Offers unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • 24/7 customer support via chat or email.
  • Prices of BeastNode differ according to plan, from 2.99 USD to 35.99 USD.

You can have a budget affordable Minecraft server or premium Minecraft server by clicking on the relevant links. Choose whatever you want, folks!

Anvil Node

Another popular and widely used Minecraft server is Anvil Node. Anvil Node is mainly used for multiplayer Minecraft games.  The following are features of the Anvil Node server:

anvil node minecraft server hosting

  • With Anvil Node, you will have access to free trials of Buycraft, Enjin, and Minetrends.
  • Anvil Node has an instant setup opportunity in which you will not need to do anything.
  • Anvil Node has a support system with multiple languages, including English, German, and Spanish.
  • Full refund if reported within 48 hours after purchase.
  • Network SLA for slow response times and network failure.
  • Trained customer support service for Minecraft servers.

Want to have free Minecraft server services? Instead of limiting yourself, try Anvilnode’s premium Minecraft rock solid hardware, folks.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is an exceptional Minecraft Server Hosting for PC.  GTX Gaming was specially designed for Minecraft, and they have designed a mobile app for having the control panel for you to administer the server with ease. Since GTX Gaming uses the best data centers from all around the world, their bandwidth is relatively high. Here are some of the features of GTX Gaming:

GTX gaming minecraft hosting best

  • Enterprise hardware
  • DDoS protection on enterprise level
  • Best data centers from all around the world for low pings and high bandwidth

If you are searching for free Minecraft server hosting for PC, ordering a high-quality server from GTX gaming for a minimum fee can be a better option.

GG Server

Another server that you can use is the GG Server. GG Server can be used for various websites and games, including Minecraft. Since GG Server has nine data centers from all around the world, it offers high performance for your game.

ggserver best free minecraft server

With GG Server, you will have a high-quality game with only the persons you want to play with. Since GG Server has multiple servers in various countries, you can play your game with ease and without any glitches. If you are looking for a server that will offer you a high quality while being used with ease, you should definitely consider GG Server. The following are some of the features of GG Servers that you might need to know:

  • Unlimited slots for premium plans
  • SSD for Minecraft services
  • 24/ customer support
  • Instant activation
  • Nine server options to choose from

However, there are some disadvantages of GG Server, naturally. The money refund is only available within 24 hours of purchasing it, which is absolutely not enough to experience the server. Additionally, some of the features of GG Server, such as the MySQL database, are only available for premium members.

Explore the best GGServer Minecraft hosting services, folks. If you are looking for a free Minecraft server service, try to use a coupon code.


Meloncube is another Minecraft server that offers a one hundred percent working duration. You can also have multiple accounts administrating the server. The hardware of Meloncube is pretty impressive, and they trust their hardware so much that if the fault in the server continues over 15 minutes, you can report the game.

meloncube best free minecraft server

You will have access to an unlimited storage option in addition to a free MySQL database. This means that you will have access to many Minecraft modes to customize your world as you would like. The following are some of the features of Meloncube:

  • Multicraft 2.0 control panel
  • Customs JAR functions
  • Full FTP access
  • One-click plug-in installer

A disadvantage of the Meloncube server is that it is only available in North America and European countries.

Really cheap Minecraft server hosting is ready to be bought in Meloncube!


This Minecraft Server offers lots of modes and plug-ins for you to have the best Minecraft experience. With ServerMiner, you will have a storage space of 50 GBs. You will have a control panel and full access to root in addition to DDoS protection.

serverminer best free minecraft server

Protection is critical when it comes to choosing a server for Minecraft. With ServerMiner, your worries about security can increase significantly since it offers DDoS protection. DDoS, which means “Distributed Denial of Service,” will protect you from the multiple requests coming from a hacker or a site to break your game down.

  • The following are some features of ServerMiner that you can find helpful:
  • SMPicnic control panel
  • 50-GB storage
  • Installing favorite Minecraft versions and mod packs
  • 72-hour refund

Looking for multiplayer free Minecraft server hosting? Well, stop here, and let’s see really affordable option in ServerMiner!


HiveMC is one of the largest and most popular Minecraft servers all around the world. You can always find something extra and unique in HiveMC.

hivemc best free minecraft server

  • There are many game modes, including but not limited to survival and hide and seek games, by covering all different genres.
  • HiveMC is actually a mini-game server where you can enchant your Minecraft experience for the better.
  • There is always a place for uniqueness and extra fun in HiveMC.

You can go to HiveMC Minecraft server by clicking to the relevant link.


Nodecraft is a hosting provider for gamers and gamers only. The Nodecraft has suitable hardware to meet the unique requirements of the game. Even though the Nodecraft was not designed only for Minecraft, it still works very well to compete with servers that were solely designed for Minecraft.

nodecraft best free minecraft server

With only one click, you can have access to various Minecraft Modes. With the data centers of Nodecraft all around the world, you can have a high quality game with unlimited players. Besides, you can swap games with Nodecraft any time you want. Here is what you can expect from Nodecraft:

  • SSD Drives
  • Automatic update feature
  • Free subdomain
  • Unlimited slots

See the Minecraft Server Hosting services of Nodecraft.

The Free Minecraft Server Hosting Services

The last but definitely not least server hosting in our list is Minecraft Hosting. With free Minecraft server Hosting, you can find lots of different server options depending on your needs and requirements. The following are some features of The Minecraft Hosting that you may find useful:

  • It includes 512 GBs of RAM, and you can play with an unlimited amount of players.
  • It has low latency and unlimited SSD storage, which is a great plus.
  • You will have a multicraft control panel and 1 Gbps connection.
  • Low latency
  • Best DDoS protection

Minecraft is a fun game, and with The Minecraft Hosting, it will double or even triple the fun.

Why should you use Free Minecraft Server Hosting Services?

Minecraft is a popular and entertaining game, but the entertainment and the quality of the game can consistently be increased. This is why server hosting is present. If you want to play Minecraft only with your friends and do not want to encounter other players, getting a hosting server is the best option. It is entirely normal and natural to want this without paying.

Additionally, a server helps you to play with customized and unique modes. If you are getting tired of playing the same stuff over and over again and you are looking for something new, then having a free Minecraft server hosting will be very beneficial for you.

Introduction to Minecraft 101

As I mentioned earlier, Minecraft is considered a simple game, yet it can seem complex and complicated for beginners. In the simplest explanation, we must mention the game modes on Minecraft.

Creativity Mode

There are two main game modes in Minecraft. One of them is the creativity mode. In creativity mode, you are not into accomplishing something, trying to survive, or engage in any sort of mission. Instead, the creativity mode is a mode where you can do freestyle. People tend to build a city, kingdom, a forest, or whatever you can think of in the creativity mode because you can build whatever you want to build.

The things you can build in the creativity mode are not limited to cities and their varieties. You can make weapons, railways, planes, computers, and every single object that you can picture on your mind. Minecraft allows you to use your imagination to the fullest and promising a well-spent fun time.

Survival Mode

The other primary mode in Minecraft is the survivor mode. If you are looking for an aim in a game, instead of using your imagination and being creative, you can use the survivor mode since there is a purpose of this mode, which is survival.

In the survival mode, you are basically trying to survive on an island or land. You can find your own food, water, build a shelter, hunt, and do other things you will need to survive while escaping from zombies. Besides the main modes, there are many other customized and developable modes in Minecraft, making it possible to double the fun while creating a game just as you would like it to be.

To sum up, Minecraft can be played in which way you would like to play it. Depending on your interests and choices, you can create a world of yours that you are free to do whatever you would like to do. Enjoy your virtual world!

Mining Ores in Minecraft

There are various mining ores in Minecraft, and all have different purposes. The following are the main mining ores in Minecraft and their short descriptions.

  • Coal: Coal is the most common ore in Minecraft. It is typically used as fuel in the furnace.
  • Iron: Iron will appear in levels under and at 63. It is used to make tools and weapons and can be combined with any other ore.
  • Gold: Gold appears in the bottom 32 layers, and especially bottoms between two and nine in Minecraft world. You can find the most gold in Mesa Plateau.
  • Diamond: In general, diamond is the most valuable ore in Minecraft. It can only be found in the bottom 16 layers of the game.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is an ore that does not have many functions. It is typically used to determine the spell level in Minecraft. You can apply Lapis Lazuli to sheep in order to dye them and to dye tamed wolves’ collars.
  • Red Stone: Red Stone can be found in the bottom 16 layers of the Minecraft world, and it can be used as a potion ingredient. Additionally, many tools can be made using the Red Stone ore.
  • Obsidian: Obsidian is the second toughest ore in the game and immune to almost every explosion. It cannot be moved by pistons.
  • Emerald: Emerald can be traded between other villagers in the game. You can find Emerald between layers four and 32. It is one of the rarest ores in the game, and hence it is one of the most valuable ones.

Quartz and Netherite ores were later added to Minecraft in the updates.

Frequently asked questions about Minecraft

Today, Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. It can be pretty fun and entertaining once you got used to playing. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you if you have any questions on your mind.

Is Minecraft free?

The software of Minecraft is costless, but you need to pay a one-time fee to create an account.

Does Minecraft have an age limit?

Minecraft does not have any kind of age limit, and it is popular among all ages.

Is Minecraft safe for children?

Minecraft can be suitable for children in terms of enhancing motor and problem-solving skills and creativity. But since Minecraft can include violence and communication with other players, it is recommended for children aged eight or above. Of course, children must play Minecraft under the supervision of an adult.

Is Minecraft hard to learn?

Even though Minecraft seems complex and challenging if you have never played it earlier, it is actually very simple. You can learn and play Minecraft on short notice.

Want to learn more? If you are a fan of Minecraft, you can go to free Minecraft accounts and passwords for a premium experience. It is that easy to have the best!

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