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We are happy to present you with free Amazon accounts. We know have been waiting for this for a long time, as Edza, we wanted to end this waiting and bring you together with the free Amazon Prime accounts. In this article, we will talk about the privileges of having an Amazon Prime account in detail, we will give you some tips while using your account, we will also answer some of the frequently asked questions and more.

In this article, you will find many qualities of Amazon Prime membership. We should remind you that all arranged for you to use the platform more efficiently. We know that if you know every advantage of the platform you are using, it worth your time and money more. Your time matters for us. For the money part, we hope we can also prove that we care about your money with free Amazon Prime accounts!

free Amazon prime accounts

Before We Start

If you checked our other contents, you are familiar with the accounts that we presented. As Edza, we are a platform that aimed to present our visitors with more free accounts that will be helpful for them as possible. In this article, our aim continues and we present you the free Amazon Prime accounts.

Free accounts are placed at the end of this article. Before you rush to the bottom of this page, we should remind you that reading this article will gain you many benefits, so do not skip it. First of all, even if we renew our accounts continuously, there is a possibility that these accounts had been used before you tried. In this case, unfortunately, you will not be able to log in. You must have tried to log in with them before we renew them.

We Will Not Disappoint You

If the situation that we talked about above occurs, you do not have to worry at all. Edza is here to help you, not to disappoint you. You can always reach us via the contact box that we placed at the bottom of this page. You can wait for us to reach you with your information details. We will be sending you the free account that you asked for from us in your e-mail.

free Amazon prime accounts

There is also more. We thought that some of the needs of our visitors might be urgent they may not have time for us to reach them. For these kinds of situations, we developed a system. We gladly tell you that that system also works very well.

What Is This System and How Can This Help You?

Our system has a very simple base. We hid a secret account in this article. It has identical qualities to the one we offered in this article. In case you are wondering about how can you find this account, you can find it by reading the whole article.

free Amazon prime accounts

You do not have to worry about logging in with the account that we hide, because our many visitors skip the article and try to log in with the ones we listed at the end of this article. That is why that account stays unused. If you are still worried, you should know that we renew that account according to its using situation as well.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a platform that you can benefit from many privileges that Amazon presents you. There are many different kinds of areas in which you can use your free Amazon Prime account. Before we talk about all of them, we should quickly remind you: This article has been organized with your possible needs while using the free Amazon Prime account that we offer you.

free Amazon prime accounts

The Brief History Of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime was firstly announced by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the Amazon company, in the year 2005. This service started to provide customers a quick shopping. From that day to the present, Amazon presented new services such as restaurant delivery service, Twitch contents, Prime Wardrobe, Prime Video, Library, Prime Day, and more. Today, Amazon Prime services in 19 countries and has more than 150 million members from all around the world.

We want to detail some of the services of Amazon Prime.


The quickest delivery was the first aim of Amazon Prime in 2005. From that day to today, this goal has not been changed this service has been developed excessively.

  1. Free Delivery

Sometimes delivery costs are enough the change our mind about the product that we have planned to buy online. Through the free Amazon Prime Account that we offer you, this no longer will be a problem. If you have Amazon Prime, you will be able to take advantage of free delivery. Over 10 million items, you will be able to benefit from the free delivery. And over 100 million items, you just have to ensure the minimum purchase cost with your total delivery.

free Amazon prime accounts

  1. Do not wait for days

As soon as we completed our online shopping, we have started to wait for that order. Passionately, we dream about that shipping in our minds until that box came to us. Sometimes this waiting never ends. It is a pretty frustrating situation, we know, we have all been there. Non-stop checking Cargo details, worries about if your box comes to you when you are outside, what if you do not like it and want to return… All of these worries are ending with the advantage of being an Amazon Prime member. You can use your same-day-shipping privilege if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

  1. Is it worth it? 

Let us ask you, how much do you spend for shipping for a year? Also, how many of them reach you in a short term? As Edza, we think it is worth it!

Prime Day

free Amazon prime accounts

As known as the Black Friday of Amazon, Prime Day presents you with many advantages that you can use. By using the free Amazon Prime accounts that we provide you, you can benefit from those advantages. We hear you asking about those advantages. Let’s talk about them briefly.

  1. It holds two large days

You do not have to feel sorry about one day sale, because Amazon Prime Day holds two large days!

  1. Lightning Deals

If you have a Prime membership, you will have an extra 30 minutes for lightning deals! If you are wondering what the lightning deal is, it is a promotion that exists for only a limited amount of time.

  1. 5% cashback

You will be able to get %5 as cash or as a gift card that you can use at You can also get %2 back that you can use in different kinds of areas such as gas stations, drug stores, travel tickets, and more! You can benefit from all of that if you are a Prime member. As Edza, we think providing you that with our free Amazon prime accounts is amazing!


Many discounts are waiting for a Prime member to reach themselves! You can benefit from many discounts at many different categories that are only reachable for Amazon Prime users. You can save hundreds of many through these discounts in return for an Amazon Prime membership. By the way, we provide you that membership for free!

Video Streaming

Today, many platforms provide streaming services to their members. But what if we can say to you that you can also have a chance to reach the streaming service besides all of those benefits of Amazon Prime we listed above? Guess what, it is possible! Through your Amazon Prime membership, you can use a streaming platform that Amazon provides you. Not just a streaming platform, let’s get into some details!


  1. Movies

You will be able to reach all kinds of movies.No matter what your favorite type of movie is, there is always a good one that you will love too! Amazon Prime Video has 12,828 free movies!

  1. TV episodes

When you want to rewatch some of your favorite TV Shows, or you wanted to watch them when you miss them, it can cause many problems. You do not have to create a membership to thousands of different channels, your only need is an Amazon Prime! And for that, you are in the right place!

  1. Amazon Originals

There are many original shows and movies that you can online find on Amazon. Of course, this kind of big company offers you the best experience! You can watch originals that all of them have really good actors included!

  1. Sports

Sport fanatics, stay tight! Amazon Prime Video presents you with many different kinds of sports content that you will love all of them! Through the free Amazon Prime account that we offer you, from Basketball to hockey, football to baseball, you can reach tons of different channels, movies, and documentaries!


And here we are with one of the countless benefits of Amazon Prime! If you use the free Amazon Prime account, you will be able to reach more than 2 million songs. There is also more!

  1. Stations

If you like stations, many stations come with amazon music. You can listen to them with joy whenever or wherever you want to!

  1. Ad-free

We guess nothing is more boring than waiting for an advertisement to end for the song you choose to start. Through Amazon Prime membership, this becomes history! Your time matters!

  1. Offline Playback

You will listen to your playlists without a need for an internet connection. Do not let the conditions direct you, direct the conditions!

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts might be one of the biggest hits of our century. I mean, we love listening to a podcast with good content. We do not even understand how time goes. You can enjoy many podcasts if you have an Amazon Prime membership.


What app does offer you unlimited photo storage? We know what the answer is, and we guess you do too. Amazon Prime membership ensures you have unlimited photo storage in Amazon photos. You can also get 5 GB of video storage. All cloud apps come with a safety problem. We can assure you, nobody but you can see your data!


The benefits of Amazon Prime have been spread into all aspects of our life. If you love books, Amazon also has something magnificent to offer you. Through your Amazon Prime account, you will be able to reach one book from the Kindle every month! Kindle is a platform that contains over 1.5 million contents.

Amazon Key

Have you ever worried about the time of your delivery? If you have, Amazon Prime presents you with this amazing system. Through Amazon Key, the delivery man can reach you your delivery no matter you are at home or not. How? It is easy, to use this system, Amazon only requires you to buy a security camera and a smart lock system for your door. After that, you can peacefully use this system.

Are you at work, or walking your dog? Or you just wanted to go out for fun? It does not matter, delivery man can leave your box at your home safely. You do not have to deal with the run after your delivery anymore, your delivery will be waiting for you when you come back home.

Try Before You Buy

Have you ever been in a situation that you have question marks about the product you bought? If not, congratulations, you must be very firm-minded. But if not, when that product corrects those question marks and does not fit your needs, there is a long process of return it. Also, sometimes you can be unable to return. Amazon Prime ensures you a system that you no longer have question marks. Through the Try, Before You Buy system, you get the chance to try what you buy without actually buying them. It looks like a genius and epoch-making development for e-commerce.

Twitch Prime

Everybody wants to have fun. If you like games, we also have good news for you. Through your Amazon Prime account, you will also have a Twitch Prime account. You can play countless numbers of popular games with your Twitch Prime account. For example, GTA online, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and more! All you have to do is log in with the free account that edza provides you.


You should afford $12.99 per month for a Prime membership. It costs $119 for a year. You can say it is worth it regarding all the benefits above. We want to ask you, why should you pay, when you can use it just for free? Also, many people are economically unable to afford this cost. We are happy to present them all these opportunities above for free.

Amazon Prime Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews, %25 of the Amazon Prime users giving five stars to Prime services. You can also check the Amazon Customer Reviews site to read comments in detail. No matter what day said, with all these services above, Amazon Prime got 5 stars from!

Benefits of Free Amazon Prime Account

It depends on your expectations from a service. But as Edza, we really like the fact that only one membership makes possible that many privileges. If we closely look at the development of Amazon Prime, we can see that, there will be more! Amazon Prime is a platform that has been bigger almost every minute. The extensive user number will make this process even faster. We can see that Amazon Prime will provide us services that we can not even think of before. As Amazon Prime members, we think it will be a good feeling to reach those services first.

Also, in this digital age we live in, we have to sign up almost everywhere. We have to share our pieces of information to benefit from their services. It is good that only one platform makes all of those possible for us.

For all the reasons above, the free Amazon Prime accounts that we offer will make your life easier than ever!

Why You Must Use The Free Account That Edza Offers You?

There are hundreds of reasons why, but we want to briefly talk about some of them.

  1. Edza is a reliable source where you can find many different kinds of free accounts. We aim to be the best in this area, but more importantly, we want to provide you more accounts according to all your needs.
  2. If you prefer us for a free Amazon Prime account, you can use it without any problem at all. There is not a possibility that you will face the password of the account you have been using for a long time has changed. We assure you, this is a scenario that will never happen.
  3. The benefits of Amazon amazed us. We think it is amazing that just one membership to one place brings that many privileges. We are happy to bring those privileges together with you.
  4. The cost is a big problem. We do not want you to give up a platform just because of its high costs. Because of that, we are providing you many different kinds of free accounts on our website.


Why Are We Offering You a Free Amazon Prime Account?

Firstly, your happiness is our happiness. Amazon is a cool platform that you can enjoy. It has many fun options, all you have to do is choose one of them. We think it is good to have that many choices.

Secondly, it will be helpful in your daily life. Besides the function of having fun, many services of Amazon Prime will make your daily life much easier.

Thirdly, e-commerce is part of our life. Almost everybody is doing online shopping these days. Amazon makes this process easier than ever. If you are a person who does online shopping continuously, Amazon Prime can make that process better.

Finally, as Edza, we are offering you many different kinds of free accounts. Amazon Prime might be one of the more useful ones in them. You requested, and we did it! We care about your feedback more than anything.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Amazon Prime

If you still have questions, we prepared some of the frequently asked questions about Amazon Prime for you. If your question is one of them, we answered them briefly for you.


Is Amazon’s customer service good?

Yes, Amazon customer service is always willing to deal with customer problems. The service they have been presenting is better than many other customer services online. Free Amazon Prime Account: Password: camtantin54

What is the catch with Amazon Prime?

We talked about them, but let’s also list them briefly.

  1. Delivery: You will have a chance of free shopping. You also can get many products with the same-day delivery chance.
  2. Prime Day: Two days with great discounts. You can find many products at unbelievable prices.
  3. Discounts: You can benefit from many discounts that are special for a Prime member.
  4. Video Streaming: You will be able to reach a huge content library of Amazon Prime.
  5. Music: You can listen to whatever and whenever you want without an internet connection or advertisements.
  6. Library: If you like books, Prime ensures you a free book from Kindle every month.
  7. Photos: Prime provides you unlimited photo storage, also 5 GB of video storage. Also, it is safe!
  8. Twitch Prime: If you have an Amazon Prime, that means you also have a Twitch Prime.
  9. Try Before You Buy: You can try products before you buy them. That is a good service for people who have second thoughts about online shopping for clothes.
  10. Amazon Key: If you have problems about not being home when the delivery happens, Amazon Key presents you this amazing chance.

Is it worth it to get Amazon Prime?

free Amazon prime accounts

Above all the advantages we counted. Edza thinks it is very worth your time to use Amazon Prime. For your many, we dealt with it!

If you want to have more information about premium experiences, you can go free Audible Accounts And Passwords 2021!

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