Free Checking Accounts – Best and Most Preferred

Today, we will talk about free checking accounts that are a breakthrough in banking. These special checking accounts, which we will talk about, have a free feature that will make you very happy. It provides you with a high annual percentage return every year, as well as free official bank features. Let’s get to know the checking accounts closely.

Nowadays, many people think that banking is very expensive and it is necessary to pay financial amounts to open a checking account. But now we can say that such situations have disappeared. You don’t need to pay to have a checking account, we share the best free checking accounts we have collected for you, as you can see below. Thus, you can choose your checking account free of charge, which offers you the best conditions.

The Best Free Checking Accounts You Can Have

If we come to a point we want to share with you, you need to have 600 credit points or above to easily have these free checking accounts. But don’t worry, if you can’t meet these requirements, different options will appear.

1)Discover Cashback Debit

Discover Bank offers you many banking transactions. It has an important place in the market with its savings accounts. Most importantly, it has very effective checking accounts. We are sure that it will attract your attention with its rewarded accounts. For example, 1% cashback for you on debit cards up to $ 3000 in a month. It provides these services without charging or depositing money from you every month. There is no need to get money out of your pocket except the $ 30 paid as a money transfer fee. Finally, they provide 0.40% APY in savings accounts to our valued customers.

free checking accounts discover

You can reach customer service at any hour, so you can open an account online. Besides, it has a very important place in banking thanks to the ATM network located in many places. Perhaps it may make you think that there is only one institution and not everywhere, but today we can follow the technology and do all our business online.

Click here to go Discover Bank application page.

2)  Axos Rewards Checking

Axos Bank is one of America’s best checking accounts. We can say that it protects your security extremely well with the controls it provides free of charge. This is an institution that provides you with 24/7 service. This is an institution that provides you with 24/7 service. Thus, they work to solve all your problems. It proceeds specifically with the focus on online banking. It also offers you 5 different checking accounts for your customers.
free checking accounts axos

  • Rewards Checking: With the direct deposit system you can earn 1.25% APY, the insufficient funding fee will not be a problem for this. Also, the 1.25% APY amount will be calculated according to the expenditures made from your debit card.
  • Essential Checking: The basic check is done at no cost to keep your account safe.
  • CashBack Checking: You earn 1% cash each month with a $ 1500 balance of your debit card.
  • Golden Checking (Age 55+): This private check is an individual checking account. With this account, customers in the age range specified on the right earn 0.20% APY. Also, a certain balance is not required for this checking account.
  • First Checking (Ages 13 to 17): You can earn 0.25% APY in this checking account for your children. It is an account open for joint management and does not require a specific balance from you.

Click here to go to Avox Reward Checking application page.

3) GO2bank

With the support of Greet Don Bank, GO2 Bank is one of the banks that provides the best checking account for people who have never dealt with the bank or check business. No credit score is required for this bank. You can easily deposit money into your bank account without charging a monthly fee. demands only $ 5 per month from you, our valued customers.

free checking accounts GO2 bank

It provides you with unique features for the security of your money, one of which is that your account is constantly monitored and gives you the right to freeze your account from the mobile application in the event of a fraudulent transaction.

The bank has been established as a fully online structure. In other words, you cannot perform your transactions in branches, but you can always reach the bank online. Also, it is possible to earn 1% APY every year. It continues to serve you with more than 19 thousand ATMs.

Click here to go to GO2Bank checking account application.

4) BBVA Free Checking

Although not well known today, BBVA Bank is among the best free checking accounts. This bank also had institutions in some regions, so it became institutionalized outside of online banking and has a wide range of service possibilities. We would like to give you detailed information about this bank.

free checking accounts bbva

  • To open an account with this bank, you must have an opening budget of $ 25.
  • Since it is located only in the southern regions institutionally, it is possible to carry out your transactions with ATMs scattered all over the hour.
  • You are offered 3 different special checking accounts, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. You can earn 0.01 %APY with Premium Checking. You have to pay $ 19 per month for this checking account. It provides free checks and does not charge you when you withdraw money from ATMs. With Online Checking, if you do not live in institutionalized places, you can withdraw money from ATMs free of charge. It does not charge you a monthly fee. Finally, with a Free Checking account, you can withdraw money from ATMs free of charge without any monthly fees.

Thanks to its high degree of security, you can trust its mobile application with peace of mind. To open a checking account, you can visit BBVA Bank or apply online.

Click here to go to BBVA Free Checking application page.

5) Chase Total Checking

Chase Bank Review, one of the favorite banks in America, has institutions in most places. It has many ATMs and thousands of institutions. It has a very large service structure. We would like to explain the services provided by this bank in detail.

free checking accounts chase

Chase Bank has 4 specific checking accounts:

  • Chase Total Checking: It only charges $ 12 per month because some transactions require this fee, but you are exempted from this fee by depositing $ 500 each month or if you have a balance of $ 1500 per day and your total balance is $ 5000.
  • Chase College Checking: It is a checking account provided for the age range of 17 and 24. Until you start university, you will not be charged a $ 6 fee. If you have a daily balance of 5 thousand dollars in your bank account or you deposit money directly, you will not have to pay this fee.
  • Chase Premier Plus Checking: It charges a monthly fee of $ 25 on our checking account. But if you have a daily balance of $ 15,000 or have a military background, you won’t have to pay this amount.
  • Chase Sapphire Checking: You can have this checking account for only $ 25. You do not pay any fees when you make transactions from any ATM in the world. If you have a balance of $ 75k in Chase Bank accounts, you won’t have to pay the $ 25 fee.

If you have a business, this bank can be one of the best addresses for you with the facilities it provides. It also offers you a mobile banking service at any time of the day. You can deposit money with your checks and pay your loan debts. You can use online sites or get help from institutions to open an account. You only need your identity, social security number, and personal information to open an account.

Click here to go to Chase Total Checking application page.

6) Chime Free Checking

Many banks take large amounts of money from bounced check fees, which is very bad for young people, so Chime Review is suitable for making your money easier to manage and save money very easily. With its mobile application, it allows you to control your accounts. You can view many of your transactions through this application and find ATMs near you. It is also possible to make money transfers between your accounts.

free checking accounts chime

This bank, which has very good features to save you money, automatically sets you a savings account. There is also a special savings account to earn 0.50APY. Besides these nice features, Chime unfortunately only allows up to $ 5000 for intraday checks. the downside is that this banking is not specialized for common accounts. This bank is free for checking accounts. It has a mobile application where you can keep track of everything. There are more than 30 thousand ATMs available in many places. This bank is one of the banks that stands out with its high ALM, as well as providing free control to you. However, as you can see, it has much lower limits for your transactions than other banks.

Click here to go to Chime Free Checking application page.

7)Nationwide Advantage Checking

Nationwide Bank can be the number one for you if you are looking for a bank to save your money. We are sure that it will attract your attention with its insurance opportunities. It is a bank that stands out by being supported by Axos Bank.

If you combine your savings account with a free checking account, it is possible to earn 0.70% APY. If you do not have such consolidation, your savings account will provide you with 0.40% APY. All you need to open an account is only $ 100.

free checking accounts nationwide

If you want to open an account for the money market, you will also need $ 1000, so it is also possible to earn 0.50% APY. Remember, you must have a balance of $ 1000 per day to avoid maintenance fees. checking is a free checking account provided to you by Nationwide. It does not require a balanced amount from you and maintenance fees are completely free.

Advantage Checking is on Nationwide’s award-winning accounts. The account has no maintenance fee. It does not require a minimum balance amount. You only need to have a $ 50 budget to open the account. If you meet certain criteria, you can earn 0.90% APY with this account. These criteria are:

  • 45% by depositing an amount of $ 1000 in the bank every month
  • You can earn 0.45% from your transactions with Advantage Checking Visa, thus you can get 0.90% APY.

To open an account, simply log on to the Nationwide Bank site. You only need your ID, social security number, and a US address to open an account.

Click here to go to Nationwide Advantage Checking application page.

8) Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking

Bank of America is one of the most established organizations in the USA. Bank of America makes almost no money to its customers with savings accounts, but if you have many accounts in this bank and you want to add a savings account with them, the bank provides you with easy access. To have an account in Bank of America, you must first have a budget of 100 dollars. Also, if you do not want to pay fees, having a daily balance of 500 dollars will provide you with the convenience of not paying fees. Of course, there is one more way to avoid paying fees. If you are a student under the age of 24, you do not have to pay such fees.

free checking accounts bank of america

The more money you have in your savings account, the more you earn interest accordingly. However, these interests are really low, for example, the interests between 0.03% and 0.06% will not contribute much to the increase of your money.

If we talk about the bank’s fees, unfortunately, if you do not provide the necessary balance, there are many fees you will pay:

  • If you cannot meet your minimum balance amount, you have to pay $ 8 per month.
  • You have a certain right to transfer and withdraw money daily. If you exceed these rights, you will have to pay a fee of $ 10 per transaction.
  • If you want to withdraw money from a different bank in the USA, not from this bank, the fee you have to pay is $ 2.50, and you will also pay an amount requested by ATM. Of course, this situation differs outside of the USA.

This bank is not only easy to use but has many downsides. You can reach this bank online.

Click here to go to Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking application page.

9) Wealthfront Cash Account

Wealthfront bank provides unique features to its customers’ thanks to its automatic management. We can say high credit limits as an example. It also provides guidance services to its customers’ thanks to this automatic management. It also provides you 0.35% APY with its savings account.

free checking accounts wealthfront

Wealthfront bank is a customized bank so that its customers who want to invest do not spend time on these things, so it plans everything for you. If you have a budget of more than $ 100,000, it also provides you with the features of the PassivePlus investment package.

Wealthfront charges you 0.25% per year for all your accounts. But if you have an account under $ 100,000, you can pay fees ranging from 0.07% to 0.16% per year. You can also combine your account with a savings and checking account so you start automatic savings. Let’s talk about the financial planning you can achieve without a customer thanks to Wealthfront. This financial planning is for everyone and is free. If you have not dealt with financial issues before, Wealthfront will help you with these issues. Of course, this is a robot application. Do not forget that.

With the cash account, which is a nice feature of Wealthfront, you will have an account where you can keep your investments. You can earn 0.35% interest with this account. You only need $ 1 to open the account. If you are looking for automated investment planning, this bank is for you.

Click here to go to Wealthfront Cash Account application page.

10) Radius Rewards Checking

We will give you information about Radius bank, one of the most suitable banks to be preferred for online banking. With the online feature, this bank may not meet the expectations of all customers. Radius offers a Rewards Checking account to its customers. This account earns you interest and does not charge you any fees. You only need to have a $ 100 budget to have this account. You should know that this account will not earn you interest unless you have $ 2500 in balance.


As for the awards Radius provides to you, these are:

  • food, takeaway meal
  • health and sports products
  • apps like Spotify, NetFlix

You can get 1.5% cashback for your expenses like this. Also, Radius Bank provides you a special checking account. There is no monthly maintenance fee for this checking account and you are not required to have a balance in your account. You can get 1% or 1.5% refunds on all purchases. If you do not intend to use your checking account for 12 months, you will be charged $ 5 each month. If you want to stop your payments, it is useful to know that there will be a $ 25 deduction.

Radius Bank provides you online communication via telephone, internet, and e-mail. Since it is the foundation of a mobile enterprise, you can easily get things done. But you may not be interested in earning more APY as savings.

Click here to go to Radius Rewards Checking application page.


Varo Bank may be one of the best free checking accounts to be preferred for customers who care about APY. Varo Bank is a very modern financial structure. This bank has an online establishment. So if you want to get things done online, it may be suitable for you. But it is not very suitable for bank business face to face.


This bank does not charge a monthly fee for the accounts it opens for you. This bank also provides you with advance options, of course, you will be able to earn up to $ 100 with this advance. To earn this advance:

  • Your account must have been opened for 30 days and have money in its balance.
  • You must have received deposits starting from $ 1000 from your account within the last month.
  • You should not freeze your bank or savings account.

To get this $ 100, your accounts will be reviewed from the system and a conclusion will come to you.

With Varo bank, it is possible to earn 0.20% APY for very small amounts. Also, after completing some conditions over time, the APY amount can increase to 3.00%. This bank is not very suitable for free deposits. It is generally preferred for withdrawals. It provides you convenience with more than 55 thousand ATMs. ATMs charge you $ 2.50. If you want to open an account at Varo Bank, it is possible to create an account on the online site.

Click here to go to Varo free checking service application page.

12)Aspiration Spend & Save

The Aspiration checking account is a convenient bank to control your basic expenses. Checks your checking accounts in detail and does not leave you a job. If you are going to use this bank annually with a plus membership, the amount you have to pay is $ 12.50 per month. However, if you intend to use it for a short time, you will have to pay $ 15 a month. This bank can earn you 1.00% APY. However, it requires its customers to become a member of Aspiration Plus, and also states that they must spend $ 1,000 each month with their debit card.

aspiration free checking accounts

An amount of $ 10 is required to open an account at this bank. You must be 18 or over to have an account. Also, let’s not forget that US citizens or permanent residents can benefit from this bank. Let’s not forget that there will be money cuts in some cases at this bank. An example of these situations can be suspended payments. This bank generally offers you the option to donate 10% of your interest earned to charities. This choice is up to you, whether you go for free or with this option. With both options, a tree can be planted in your name.

Click here to go to Aspiration Spend & Save application page.

13) Juno

Juno bank comes up with attractive APY options. Even though it does not have a check account feature, we wanted to introduce this bank because of the high-interest rates it provides to you. If you have a balance of 30 thousand dollars, it will be possible to earn 2.15% APY from this account. But you should know that after this balance, the APY rate drops to 0.25% for amounts up to $ 100,000.

free checking accounts onjuno

With your budget of up to 5 thousand dollars, you can instantly earn 2.15% APY, but the same APY amount you earn up to 30 thousand dollars turns into a $ 9.99 fee after it is free for you for 6 months. There is no lower limit required to open your accounts in this bank and you will not be asked for a monthly maintenance fee.

Click here to go to Juno’s checking account services.

14) Ally Bank

Ally Bank is a bank with online features. You can follow all the accounts you create in this bank with only one site. With this feature, it provides convenience to its customers. Ally Bank does not charge you a maintenance fee. If you have a balance of up to 15 thousand dollars, you will earn 0.1% interest thanks to this balance, and for balances above 15 thousand dollars, this interest amount increases up to 0.6%. Thanks to this bank, you can use all ATMs free of charge. Ally Bank has a very good position in banking with these high-interest rates. We are sure that it will provide you with very good opportunities in terms of savings.

Click here to go to Ally free checking accounts application page.

15)USAA Classic Checking

USAA Classic Checking creates a special checking account for those on military teams. This bank, which is a special structure for the benefit of soldiers and their families, has very detailed features. First of all, you will need $ 25 to open an account. This bank saves you from limit overruns and warns you.

It is possible to earn interest between 0.05% and 0.15% by opening a savings account. Of course, these interest amounts are not very attractive. However, if you wish, you can keep your checking and deposit accounts in the same bank. Also, this bank can guide those who open a savings account to achieve their goals by creating a very detailed planning system.

Click here to go to USAA Classic Checking application page.

16) NBKC Bank Everything Account

If you want a high-return checking account, your choice should be in favor of NBKC Bank. It’s time to meet this bank that allows you to collect your savings and checking account in only one account. In this bank, it is possible to earn 0.50% APY with all your balances. It provides you very reasonable possibilities by having a free ATM network. When you withdraw from other banks, there is only a $ 12 refund. You have to pay $ 5 for a wire transfer to a local bank and $ 45 for a wire transfer to an international bank.

free checking accounts nkbc

This bank does not charge you a maintenance fee and does not require a minimum amount. It requires a balance of $ 5 if you just want to open a high return account. Of course, please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to have these accounts. The conditions required to open an account at this bank are as follows:

  • You live or stay in the USA for a long time
  • State ID
  • Social Security number

Click here to go to NBKC Bank Everything Account application page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently askes questions about free checking accounts and more. Let’s explore:

Do Any Banks Offer a Bonus for Opening a Checking Account?

As we mentioned above in our content, some banks can give you certain bonus points when you open checking accounts and you meet the necessary conditions.

Are There Limits To How Much You Can Have In A Checking Account?

There are certain amounts in check accounts that vary from bank to bank. This depends on the limits provided by the bank of your choice.

What Banks Offer Free Checking Accounts?

Our banks that provide you with a free checking account are:

  1. Discover Cashback Debit
  2. Axos Rewards Checking
  3. GO2bank
  4. BBVA Free Checking
  5. Chase Total Checking
  6. Chime Free Checking
  7. Nationwide Advantage Checking
  8. Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking
  9. Wealthfront Cash Account
  10. Radius Rewards Checking
  11. Varo
  12. Aspiration Spend & Save
  13. Juno
  14. Ally Bank
  15. USAA Classic Checking
  16. NBKC Bank Everything Account

Who Has The Best Free Checking Accounts?

It is not up to us to comment on this question, as we do not know what qualities you are looking for. However, the 5-star Axos and Discover bank, which emerged with the customers’ votes, now has the most preferred free checking accounts. Therefore, we can recommend that you give priority to these banks.

Can I Open A Checking Account With No Money?

Of course, it is possible to open a checking account without money. In most of the banks mentioned above, you are provided to open a checking account free of charge.

Which Banks Offer Free Checking Accounts Without Direct Deposit?

The top 10 banks we mentioned above offer no deposit checking accounts.

What Banks Does Not Require A Deposit To Open An Account?

No deposit is required to open accounts other than BBVA, Nationwide, Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking, Wealthfront, Radius, Aspiration banks.

Can I Open A Bank Account Online Without Going To Bank?

All the banks we have listed above work with online services. Of course, it is found in banks with institutions. However, each bank in this list serves you online from its website or mobile application. It is possible to reach every bank 24/7. If you wish, you can open the accounts you want with customer service or from banks’ sites.

We explained in detail the banks that offer you the best free checking account. We hope that you can choose the bank and account that best suits you in line with this information. For more detailed information, you can reach these banks that we have listed for you. Again, we wish you the best checking account and we always recommend you to be careful and economical for your bank business.

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