Free Fire Accounts 2021 with Passwords Updated Version

Hello players, today we will give you detailed information about the legendary game Free Fire. First of all, we would like to state that the Free Fire free accounts we have prepared for you are at the end of our article. If the account you tried does not open, know that it has been received by another reader. But don’t worry, we are constantly updating our lists for you. If you wish, you can request an account from us in the comments section at the bottom of our article. It will be enough to just write your e-mail address and which account you want. We will return to you and send your free account from the mail. Finally, we have a surprise for you. Since most people do not read the articles in detail, we have hidden a free account for our article. Let’s see if you can notice this free account that nobody notices in general.

Thanks to Edza, you will get free fire accounts and you will be able to easily play the premium features of the game with them. We have accounts list at the end of the article, but don’t forget to check out the content too! Because we have hidden one account in the middle of the titles!

Free Fire Accounts 2021

We wish you a good reading, we are sure that this article will remove all the question marks in your mind about the free fire.

What is Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire game originally called it, is a fighting survival game customized for Android and Ios. In 2019, the game has increased its popularity by highlighting itself. It has taken its place among the most played games. So what is this game? Let’s introduce our game to you a little bit.

Your goal in the Garena Free Fire game is to try to survive by collecting weapons and equipment. The game was created to be played online with 50 people. First of all, you are on a plane and you travel over an island. On this trip, you can parachute to a point you have determined on the island. By making a strategic plan, you have to find weapons and equipment that will work before the game begins. Doing this will give you an advantage when the battle begins.

When you start the game, you may encounter much different equipment on different sides of the island. In this way, you continue your war and try to defeat the enemies you encounter. In doing so, your weapons and health equipment will play a very important role. If you kill your enemies over time and become the one who ends up with strategic plans, the victory is yours. Also, you can fight alone in the game, or you can fight by creating teams of 4 if you wish. You can chat with your teammates and give them tactics with voice talk, which is a nice feature it offers you. New weapons and beautiful clothes will be waiting for you in this 10-minute war.

Free Fire Characters

You will come across many new outfits in the Free Fire game. You can reach these clothes from the store section and get beautiful clothes that will make you look cool. Since you can only buy these clothes with diamonds, you have to deposit money in the game. However, this will not earn you a positive point. Since our main goal in the game is to survive, the enemies will approach you only to kill, not to steal your clothes. If we come to the most important point, the character choices in the game will bring you to better positions. If we talk about our game characters, there are 8 characters in total in the game. Let’s introduce these characters to you.

Free Fire accounts

When you start the game, you will be presented with two characters first. These characters are Adam and Havva. These characters do not have an extra feature to provide you. They are simple characters chosen only for the game. Therefore, you are expected to unlock other powerful characters. These new characters are Nikita, Misha, Andrew, Ford, Kelly, Olivia. Let’s get to know them closely.

  • Misha: 2% faster drive.
  • Andrew: Vest takes 2% less damage.
  • Kelly: Running 1% faster.
  • Nikita: Submachine reloads weapons 4% faster.
  • Ford: Takes 4% less damage outside the safe zone.
  • Olivia: He can play other actors.

To unlock these new characters, you need to achieve continuous success in the games. All of these new characters have different characteristics. Examples of these features are fast charging of magazines, fast driving of vehicles, less damage, and increases in health. Do not forget that you must have diamonds and in-game money to unlock these characters.

You can make your game more fun by opening these characters. That’s why our site offers you many accounts with these characters open as a free fire account. Of course, it varies from account to account, but who knows, maybe you can choose an account with all characters open.

Leveling Up Your Character

We should also tell you that the characters we mentioned in the previous paragraph increase in strength according to your level. So when you start the game, a character you unlock with diamonds will benefit you as a percentage. For example, reloading 4% faster will increase your percentage as you level up. That’s why you should protect your strategy well and focus on developing and winning in the game. We trust you, you can achieve this.

Use of Vehicles in Game

It is possible to use any vehicle you want in the game. But what are the pros and cons of these tools for you? Let’s sort it out.

  • You can avoid enemies by moving very fast by picking up vehicles.
  • It allows you to get to a location you want faster.
  • If you are moving with your vehicle, a sign that shows your position will appear on all players.

We have stated that there are pros and cons of driving. When you start the game, it gives you the advantage to drive among many people. But when there are few players left in the future, the vehicles make you a more obvious target. If you wish, you can follow the survivors of the game from the table that appears on your screen and make your choices accordingly. It should be noted that there are many types of vehicles and they will entertain you. So isn’t it the right time to start the game? How about you can choose one of our free Free Fire accounts and embark on this adventure without having to open an account. It should not be forgotten that you can come here and get different accounts whenever you want.

Free Fire accounts

What About Free Free Fire Accounts?

Before continuing with our information about the game, we would like to tell you about our main theme, Free Fire free accounts. Many players are unable to play Free Fire due to the lack of Gmail, Facebook accounts. In this case, we are the ones who step in and offer you Free Fire free accounts. When signing up with Gmail, there is a lot of information you need to fill in. This includes confirmation of mail and phone number. If you don’t want to deal with these, you can be sure you’re on the right site.

Thanks to the many Free Fire free accounts we have provided for you, you can start the game directly. The clothes, diamonds, and characters found in these accounts will be completely yours. Of course, we cannot predict exactly what will happen to you due to the changes from account to account. However, we would like to state that we have very special accounts prepared for you. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a username and password immediately and start the game. Of course, it will be better for you to do it after finishing our article. Because there is much more game information that we will share with you.

How Do We Open a Free Account in Free Fire Game?

Apart from the free Free Fire accounts, we offer you, we think many players are wondering how to open an account. That’s why we have prepared a sequence that tells you how to register and start the game.

  1. Enter your desired or preferred name to open the game.
  2. Enter the e-mail address you use.
  3. You can enter your number, for easier code coming.
  4. Send this information and expect a return from us.
  5. By getting back to you, you can open a new account that we have sent for you.

Free Fire accounts

When you do this order correctly, a new free account will be created and sent to you. We are doing our best to ensure that this process continues quickly. We will send you the most suitable free account information without interrupting your game excitement. Thus, you will make us very happy by starting the game and defeating your enemies. We wish you lots of fun with your new account.

Fighting or Hiding?

We all know that the game is a war game. But we forget, like everyone else, that the main purpose of the game is to survive. That’s why we want to give you some important advice. When you start the game, like many people, you want to fight and defeat your enemies right away. But what good is dying early?

When the game starts, your enemies will start fighting each other and you will see that many enemies will kill each other early. How about hiding, since your main goal in this war is to survive?

The event we are talking about is hiding somewhere when you land on the island and waiting for the enemies to kill each other. You can then leave your hiding place and join the main part of the battle. Fighting the few people who are left behind will give you more pleasure and increase your chances of winning. If there are enemies that start attacking you, we recommend that you do not respond to them. You can enter the buildings by constantly changing your way, and you can make it easier to hide by changing your buildings during the war. When the time comes, you can get away from that environment with your car in wartime.

The enemies you will fight against at the end of the game will be more difficult for you. Because those enemies fought to stay to the end and went through strategic stages. Therefore, you have to be careful and approach everything around you carefully.

Phone and Computer Requirements

We said that you can play Free Fire on your phone with ios and android support. But the conditions change when playing on the phone and your computer. While playing with your phone, it is very difficult to shoot and keep your movement. Therefore, it will be easier for you to play on the computer. Thanks to the mouse and keyboard, it will make you comfortable to move and shoot. This game, which will be similar to the war games you download to your computer, will attract you more. When appropriate, it will be simpler to look at the map or choose other options. Most of the time, you will notice that your enemies who play the game on the phone are moving slower. Shooting them at these times is simpler for you. You can quickly dodge their shots, hide and shoot.

While playing the game, the size of the screen size will also affect your game conditions. Therefore, the computer will provide you more convenience for this game. It is very difficult to shoot and track your enemies at the same time while on the phone. With the size of the computer screen, you get the freedom to do everything at the same time. Of course, you should not forget the advantages that the phone brings to you. It is possible to take the phone with you everywhere. However, this is not the case for the computer. Therefore, you can choose your phone or computer for the game as you wish. It can be preferred in two technological products to suit your comfort. After all, we are sure that you will love the game in every way.

Free Fire Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Window 7,8,10 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Core i3 2.4GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • HDD: 4GB.

Free Fire Recommended System Requirements:

  • OS: Window 7,8,10 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Core i5 2.8GHz
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660
  • HDD: 4GB

System Requirements for Mobile Devices:

Free Fire for mobile devices does not require any special requirements.

Signs in The Game

When you start the game, there is a stage where you go to war. In this battle phase, you need equipment to shoot down your enemy. When you land on the island, the weapons you will collect from around will be useful to defeat your enemies. With these weapons, you can watch yourself fall from inside a building or in a wooded place. When the time comes, you can determine your enemy by leaning, crawling, or aiming while standing. At this stage, you will see a red mark while aiming at your enemy. This red mark ensures that the enemy is very close to you and you won’t miss if you hit. If you are in the right position and aim properly, you can kill your enemy.

Free Fire accounts

You should also remember that your magazine should be checked frequently. If the enemy is close to you and your ammo is running low, you will need to change the magazine. Since many players do not pay attention to this during the game, they die in the game for a very small reason. If you do not play such small mistakes, it will take you to the end. When the time comes, it will be an advantage for you to adjust your weapon according to the enemy while aiming. It is important to note that tracking your location and enemies from the map will also help. We will be pleased to see you fighting without these mistakes in an endless way.

Why Choose Edza for Free Free Fire Accounts?

Free Fire is one of the best games created to survive and fight. It is a pleasure for us to bring this game to you. That’s why we wanted to offer you free Free Fire accounts. With these accounts, we will give you features for free that you cannot have without money. All of the accounts prepared for you on our site have been prepared after a detailed examination. In some accounts, different character options and outfits will await you. We offer you conditions that many sites cannot offer and we do this without charge.

It is also possible to come to our site at any time and choose and use one of the constantly renewed accounts. If you see that the accounts you have entered are not working, we meet in the comments for you. As soon as you write your e-mail and the type of account you want in the comment, we find the most suitable free account for you and send you an e-mail. We do not see a reason why you should not choose us with such opportunities.

Due to playing this game online, it may be suspended from time to time. Therefore, each account is checked and examined repeatedly for you. Adding Free Fire to the free accounts that our site provides for many games will give you the necessary confidence. You can change the password of the accounts at any time and make these accounts permanent and play as long as you want. This way, other people cannot log into your account and the account belongs only to you. So now all you have to do is to review the Free Fire free accounts and try the account you want right away. If those accounts are not suitable for you or do not open, we will be waiting for you in the comments.

Why Should We Choose Free Free Fire Accounts?

The main purpose of Free Fire accounts is to make the game easier for you. While playing the game, you want to have premium features like other players. But you have to pay a large amount of money for this. At this stage, the Free Fire free accounts Edza provides for you will be useful. You can choose as many accounts as you want and have all the premium features you want with new characters or clothes that appear in those accounts.

Free Fire accounts

Different clothes will make you more interesting. Of course, these clothes do not help you, but who wouldn’t want to be interesting? Therefore, you can continue your game with your different outfit preferences. You will also have free weapons with these accounts that will also provide you with new popular characters. When you listen to these conditions, you may have noticed how attractive opportunities they provide. So why not pick an account from Edza and start the game?

Following the Rules in the Game

As with any game, it is very important to follow the rules in this online game. Many players behave unpleasantly and say bad words to their teammates in teams. In such cases, you should remember that this is just a game. You should not behave that will hurt the people, and you should only focus on your game. If you have met people who have behaved badly towards you, you can complain by not responding to these people. Games are created for fun and entertainment. It cannot be said that anyone is superior to the other player. Besides, many players play games with various cheat programs. These cheat programs both damage the computer and phone you use and allow you to get an unfair win. We think it will be more appropriate for you to play a game with respect under the same conditions as people by ensuring equality.

Having Different Accounts

You may want to play with more than one account while playing Free Fire. Since the system will not approve your login with the same email, it is not possible to play with two accounts from the same email. But Edza gives you this opportunity with different Free Fire free accounts it offers. Since all accounts in Edza are created from different e-mail accounts, it is possible to play the game with as many accounts as you want. The system will not cause you any trouble.

Free Fire Live Streams

If you are just starting the Garena Free Fire game or if you think you do not play the game very well while playing the game, youtube live streams will be very suitable for you. Many players share their matches with you through their youtube accounts. Thousands or even millions of people can watch these matches. We have listed the recommendations we will give you about these matches. By looking at this list, you can learn the most suitable playing conditions for you and improve yourself in the game. Let’s take a look at this list:

Free Fire accounts

  • Choose a youtube game account with many followers.
  • Make sure by researching that the person playing the game is a good player.
  • Watch and watch the live broadcasts he opens while playing the game.
  • Pay attention to what he pays attention to when playing the game, what weapons he uses, character choices, and tactics while hiding.
  • Use the tactics and strategies you grab from the player to create your plan.

We think that by following these paths, our beginner players will understand the game very quickly and play well. The pleasure you get from the game is very important to us. Therefore, it will benefit you to pay attention to what we say.

Why Should We Play Free Fire?

Free Fire game is similar to many wars and survival games on the market. But most players realize that this game has reached good positions in the market. Free Fire has a very special structure with its superior graphic designs and in-game features. While many mobile games serve you only through the phone, this game appears before you with many technological tools such as computers and tablets. Therefore, it has a very good place in terms of playing conditions. This game, which has increasingly taken its place in the market, has been the most downloaded game of 2019.

Free Fire accounts

Free Fire, which continues to improve in terms of quality and popularity, has another nice feature. This feature will interest you. We say if you are ready. The game, which goes together with Cristiano Ronaldo, has brought a new character to you, dear players. The name of this player was added to the game with the name “Krono” based on Cristiano, one of the best footballers in the world. Yes, you read that right. He brought a character representing Cristiano Ronaldo to the game. We believe this will increase your interest in the game even more. As you can see the game is played and loved by world-famous people.

Site Reliability

Many sites on the internet say they will offer you free Free Fire accounts. Many of these sites may request your information by making requests from you. In this case, they may enter your computer and system and defraud you or damage the computer and phone you are using.

At this point, Edza has long been enough to give you confidence with the free accounts it has provided for many games. It provides you a free account without requesting your private information or asking you to download or add something like a system. Every account is audited by its employees and presented to you properly. Therefore, you can be sure of the reliability of our site. We are proud to see you among us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How I Download Free Fire?

Free Fire game is supported by ios and android. In this way, you can download it from the AppStore and google play store if you want. Thus, you can play the game on a computer, phone, or tablet if you wish. Click to go to the game page.

How do I install Freefire On My Browser?

To install the game, all you have to do is go to the AppStore or play store on your computer, search for the game and press the install on your computer.

How Do You Get  Diamonds On Free Fire?

To earn diamonds in the game, you can fill out surveys, earn diamonds from some games, or pay money so that the diamonds come to your account. You can find them in accounts with diamond balance in the accounts you will buy on our site. Therefore, it would be more convenient for you to take advantage of these Free Fire free accounts from our site instead of spending money to buy diamonds.

Can You Play Freefire Online?

The game Free Fire is an online game. Your opponents are people like you. You can also create a team in Free Fire and play with your friends. If you want a fun game and want to play and compete with your friends, this game is for you. With many hiding places and weapons, you can make the war much more fun.

How Much MB is Free Fire?

You need 600 Mb of space to play the game. Besides, the technological device you play must have 1 Gb free RAM.

How Do You Get Free Fire Diamonds Without Paying?

To get diamonds without paying money, you must fill out questionnaires or follow the in-game instructions. But such situations will create difficulties for you. Therefore, choosing the Free Fire free accounts we share with you on our site will provide you with characters full of free diamonds for free. Free fire account: Password: confulaVale

Today we talked about the Free Fire game and the Free Fire free accounts provided by our site. Thanks to our site, it is possible to reach all the details of the game in this article. Special instructions and paragraphs that we have prepared for you will help you understand the game better. When starting the game, you can make more conscious and strategic plans thanks to this article.

You can take as many accounts as you want from our site and start the Free Fire adventure. You can be sure that we will be delighted to see you playing the game with the accounts you receive from our site. It is possible to comment on the question marks you have in mind. You can direct your questions to us at any time. Our team working for you will answer your questions in the fastest way possible.

If you have a complaint about the accounts on our site or have a problem that goes wrong, remember that you can reach us. We have to create the best system for you. We conclude this article by adding enough information about the Free Fire game and Free Fire free accounts to our article. We hope that you enjoy this article we prepared for you and meet us in different games.

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Note: Please only take one account.


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