Free Gmail Account – How To Sign Up Free – Updated 2021 Guide

Are you ready to rewrite the rules of the game with a completely free Gmail account? Gmail account allows you to achieve great things in a very short time. Because, thanks to these types of accounts, you can communicate with both people in your social life and colleagues with whom you maintain a professional relationship in an extremely secure way. The main feature of the most preferred Gmail accounts in recent times is as follows:

  1. Gmail is a great way to connect to a variety of different Google services. For example, you can use Google Drive and some other services through your Gmail. This makes your job easier.
  2. Gmail has an application with a user-friendly interface that is developed more and more each year. Gmail users can also use Gmail on their mobile devices.
  3. Gmail is extremely secure. The system has a powerful spam filter system and is therefore becoming more reliable every day.
  4. If you are looking for a free Gmail account and want to browse the most advantageous options for this, you are definitely in the right place. Get your account in a short time!

How To Create Free Gmail Account

Meet more closely with Gmail, which will allow you to meet your online communication needs from a single point. Gmail, which is preferred much more often than the mail services of Yahoo, Hotmail, and other search engines, creates excellent results. You can create a Gmail account easily and quickly by following the steps below.

  1. First, go to Google’s Gmail service. You need to click on ” Create your Google Account ” from the options here. In this way, you will be directed to the relevant page of Google.
  2. Then you will see a small box. You will need to enter First Name, Last Name, preferred username, password, and confirmation information. You should make sure that your password is hard enough to be able to manage a secure process.
    create free gmail account
  3. If everything is ok and you have entered all the information, click the Next button.
  4. On the new page that opens, you need to define your phone number in the system. This step is often skipped because it is not a must, so if you wish, you may not define your phone number in your Gmail account. However, it is generally more advantageous and safe to use your phone number in two-step verification processes. We recommend that you consider this.
    having free gmail account
  5. Then, for security purposes, you need to provide recovery email information optionally. Other than that, enter the birthday and gender information.
  6. You will then see a message telling you that you are creating free Gmail accounts and the privacy requirements of this. Read this in detail.
    free gmail account
  7. After you accept them, your Gmail will automatically load and you will see your inbox. Your first mail is automatic and sent by Google Community Team. This mail is as follows:
    free gmail account

Creating Free Gmail Account for Business

Did you know that Gmail is a separate business account type? The Gmail account you use for professional purposes can strengthen your corporate image and provide you with great opportunities. To do this, click on the Gmail icon via Google Chrome and then check the ‘Create your Google Account’ option. When you tick this, Gmail offers you two options: ” for myself ” or ” for my business ”. What you have to do is choose “for my business” and start the registration stages.

  1. First of all, you need to enter your first name, surname, username, and password. Note that this is a business mail so you have to be extra careful. Set a strong password.
  2. You will then need to enter your phone number and recovery email address if you wish, just like opening a personal account. Gmail does not require you to enter this information for business mail.
  3. Then enter your birthday and gender information and create it.
  4. Finally, you will see the Privacy and Terms page. Read and confirm the information on this page. At the end of this step, your account will be opened.

Business Account Extra Settings

All changes start here. You will see a text like this: ” Your Google Account is all set – now add your Business Profile ”. You can do this right now if you wish, or leave it for later. We recommend that you do so now.
business account gmail

For this, you need to open a business account with Google. First, write down which industry you are in the box that appears.

Then find your own business on Google. When you write the name of your business, you will immediately find suitable options for you. Among them, mark the one that belongs to you. You will then see a page that says “Manage this business to reply to reviews, update info and more”. Click Manage Now.

manage your business free gmail

It’s that simple. You are now ready to be able to verification. If you wish, you can request verification by postcard by mail. In this way, you will secure your business. Also, don’t forget to enter the contact name completely correctly. Note that if you do not want to do verification right away, you can also click on verify later. It’s that simple!

having free business gmail account

If you say Verify, you will see a page that says “A postcard is coming”. Here you have completed all the steps to create a free Gmail account for business and added your business account to your Gmail account. You don’t need anything else anymore. Continue now!

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