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If you are a human being in today’s world, there is little to no chance of you not know what Instagram is. Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows you to keep in touch with your friends, and witness every moment of their life. Besides, as you may already know, Instagram is a platform where you can influence thousands of people, sometimes millions, and can become a source of income for you. Free Instagram accounts take place at the very end of this article!

The free Instagram account with 10K followers are a great opportunity for you, as you are starting a couple of steps forwards from those who want to grow their Instagram accounts and use Instagram as a source of income. The usernames and passwords provided to you are completely real, and by no terms, this article is a scam. If the username and the password you tried are not working, keep in mind that someone else might have used it earlier than you try to log in with the information.

Where are free Instagram Accounts?

Want Free Instagram accounts? Of course, we have a solution if such an inconvenience ever happens to you. As Edza, we frequently update the usernames and passwords for our readers. Besides, you can always comment down below about the situation of yours, and we can send you an e-mail with a new username and password as soon as possible.

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Before We Start…

If you are familiar with the Edza platform and what we do, you may already know that our main aim is to make our readers happy by letting them have free accounts and provide them useful information about the relative topic. Getting a free Instagram accounts with 10K followers is a great deal, and reading the article to learn about what you can possibly do with this account would help you a lot.

The pages you are about to read are designed for you to fully understand Instagram, and free Instagram accounts, and learn the important information about Instagram that could possibly be useful for you. It can be understood that you just want to skip the text to see the account names listed, but a beautiful Instagram account can go to waste if you do not know how to use it. Instagram can be lots of fun if you have a big amount of followers, and we provide a free Instagram accounts with 10K followers for you, but you need to know how to use this account.

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What if I cannot have access to the accounts?

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where you can share visuals in lots of different forms. You can share videos and pictures, depending on which part of Instagram that you want to share. There are lots of features of Instagram in which you can personalize your account to have one unique account. Also, Instagram today is used as a great advertisement area, such that you can use Instagram as a source of income.

Even though you are not planning to become a big influencer, Instagram can be lots of fun as well. Sharing pictures with your friends, family, or publicly will both immortalize your memories and make other people feel entertained.

Brief History of Instagram

When Instagram was first announced to be developed, the name of it was not Instagram, but it was Burbn. The idea of this app was first brought to life in San Fransisco, by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Additionally, the Burbn app was nothing like the Instagram app we know today. Instead, it was an app designed for check-ins from the places you have been.

But there was an app that was quite similar to what Burbn would do, and the mentioned app was FourSquare that we all know today. The founders of the app recognized the similarity as well, and they decided to change the concept of the app more like a visual-oriented app. So, the founders, Systrom and Krieger, changed the name of the app as well. The name Instagram is the converging of the words “instant camera” and “telegram”.

The date of the first Instagram post goes back to 16 July 2010. It was a picture of South Beach Port, posted by Mike Krieger. Instagram was not an official app until the date 6 October 2010, when it finally took place on the App Store. After Instagram took its place on the App Store, it got lots of investments from various names.

The Instagram app was not available on Android devices until 3 April 2012. As it became available on Android devices as well, Instagram got downloaded more than a million times in less than a day. After it is available on both Android and App Store, Instagram keeps developing, by adding different features frequently to make Instagram a better place. Today, Instagram has over 700 million users, and it is a quite popular app among almost all age groups.

Features of Instagram

An app this popular and this useful, of course, has various features. Once you are authorized in terms of knowing the features of Instagram, nothing can stop you. There are some features of Instagram that you must know before even attempting to use the app.

free Instagram accounts

Sharing Pictures

The indispensable part of Instagram is sharing pictures. You can share pictures on Instagram by using the plus button at the end of the page, and you can either took a picture to post it or choose one from your camera roll. Besides, Instagram offers you the tools to edit your pictures, in addition to various filters.

You can also share pictures of your story as well. Instagram stories allow you to share a picture that will disappear after 24 hours. So, if you liked a picture so much but not enough to post it on Instagram, or you just want to share a moment of what you are doing, then stories are the best place for sharing them.

Direct Messages

Another important part of Instagram is the direct messages. Direct messages, or DM’s, are the place where you can send texts, videos, voice texts, and pictures. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with people if you do not have their phone numbers. Most people that you are not close with you will probably follow you on Instagram, and if you ever need to tell them something, you can always use direct messages.

free Instagram accounts

Close Friends

The close friends feature of Instagram is relatively new to other features of Instagram, and it is a loved feature among users. With close friends, you can define a group of people (the number is completely up to you), and add them to your close friends list. As you share stories, there is another button on the right-hand side, which is “just close friends”. By clicking on that button, only the people that you added to your close friends will be able to see the story. It is good to be careful, as the close friends button and the public story button is next to each other. Make sure to which one you are pressing too.


As in every social media platform, you can encounter some creeps or unwanted communication with someone. Luckily, Instagram has a well-developed security system where you can block those people that you do not want to be in any form of contact. Blocking someone means that the blocked person will not be able to see your account, feed, or something you shared by any means. You will not exist for those people as you block them.

If you still want to be following a people, but you do not want to see what they post on Instagram on the timeline, then Instagram has a solution for this as well. You can always put on mute of the posts, stories, or both of them at the same time to not see anything they post. This way, you will be able to still follow them and not see the things they posted.

free Instagram accounts

If you see something that made you uncomfortable and you think that it could make someone else uncomfortable (triggering, illegal, or uncensored content) you can always report the post or the story shared on Instagram. If the post you reported is indeed against the terms of use of Instagram, then Instagram will remove the post and block the account from using Instagram if needed.

If you have lots of followers and you do not want them to comment on your posts, or in a specific post, then good news, as Instagram has a solution for this situation as well. You can close the comments for all of your posts or some specific posts. This way, you will be able to away from some unwanted comments.

Business Account

The Instagram business account is a great feature if you ever think to open an account for your business. Using a business account will both enhance the trust of your business, and you can easily find your target audience via business accounts. Instagram is the newest way of advertising and providing business, and with a business account, you will be able to enhance your business more.


A platform like Instagram, of course, would use a form of ad features. You can promote your business or product with a post that you would like, and the Instagram algorithm will help you to reach out to your target audience easily. This way, more people interested in your product or service will be able to see your ads. Besides, ads on Instagram are relatively cheaper in comparison to other kinds of ads.


The explore feature of Instagram is a great feature that would make your Instagram experience much better. Explore page is the page where the posts and accounts that you might like are placed, according to your past usage of Instagram. This means that the more you use Instagram, the more the algorithm will find stuff that you might also like.

free Instagram accounts


Another widely used feature of Instagram is hashtags. Hashtags are an indispensable part of when you are aiming to reach out to your target audience. While sharing a post or story, you can add the hashtags to the explanation part. Furthermore, you can add the hashtags that you want to use on the explanation part of your picture.

For example, if you want to promote a picture of a product related to the summertime, you can use hashtags related to it. There are thousands of hashtags that people commonly use. Moreover, by using these hashtags, you can be on the explore page of the people who are interested in the same topic. It is a great way to reach your target audience. Do not forget to check the hashtags before you post so that you can choose the best options.


Archiving is the perfect opportunity when you want to delete a picture but you are not sure about it. When you archive a picture, the picture will go to the archived section of Instagram, and no one else other than you will be able to see it. Besides, you will be able to bring the photo back to your feed anytime you want.

Swiping Up

If you have more than 10K followers on Instagram, this feature would work for you. As you may already know, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular side hustles in today’s world. For those of you who may not know what affiliate marketing is, it is a form of marketing in which as people buy products or services from your guidance, you take some commission depending on the products’ or services’ costs.

Instagram swiping up

With the swipe-up feature of Instagram, your followers will be able to directly get to the shopping site from your stories. And as they shop from that link, you will be able to earn money. With Instagram, it is this easy to earn some money. As you share a link to the products that your target audience would like, then it is just left to wait for them to buy. If you are looking for a way to earn money on your sleep, then there is nothing better than affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Swiping up is not only for affiliate marketing. If you have another social media platform such as YouTube, or you have a blog, you can put the link to forward your followers directly to those. This way, you will be able to advertise your other social media accounts with no effort.

Benefits of the Free Instagram Account with 10K Followers

Growing your Instagram accounts can be torture, especially if you are a starter on Instagram. Regardless of your reason for growing your Instagram account, we offer you a running start. People tend to trust more to something that is being trusted by others, and having an account where you already have 10K followers is the best way to build trust.

This way, you will be able to have a wide audience in the very beginning. Most people do not have this chance, and you can ask anyone to tell them the struggles of starting an Instagram account from scratch. To lessen the struggle greatly, we offer a free Instagram account with 10K followers, to make you happy.

free Instagram accounts with followers

If you are ever thinking of being an influencer but do not know where to start, and even hitting a thousand followers is seeming like a big deal. The first step of becoming an influencer is that having a large number of followers. This is a great opportunity where you will be a step ahead of the starters with a small number of followers.

Some Tips for Being a Good Instagram User

Even though 10K followers are provided to you for free, there are some crucial steps for you to take into consideration to enhance your platform even more and benefit from it even more. You cannot expect to have a free Instagram accounts with 10K followers and by not doing anything to achieve a dream of yours.

Instagram Tips

Here are the best Instagram tips:

  • First, you need to be consistent in your posting. Do not give up too soon as soon as your post does not get the likes you would like it to get. People love consistency, and the more they see something, they are more likely to trust it and love it. This is a well-known psychology fact, and you can use it on your Instagram account as well.
  • Be kind to your followers and keep in touch. People usually love to get in touch with the accounts that they like and getting replies from them. So, if a follower of yours DMs you about how much they like your posts and feed, do not hesitate to thank them for your support. Remember, your Instagram account is present and functioning due to the support of your followers.
  • Do not promote something you did not enjoy. The most important thing in an Instagram account is to build trust. No matter how much money the brand offered you to promote their product, do not promote products that do not work or do not do the thing they offer to do. Remember, your followers are expecting honesty from you and once honesty is gone, it is hard to rebuild the trust again.
  • Take into consideration of your audience, and post accordingly. Radical changes are not usually welcomed well, and they typically result in disasters. So, be careful about what do you want to post about and who is your target audience. You would not want to do something that would disappoint them.
  • Be careful about what time you are posting. There is a chance for people to not see your posts if you share them at an inconvenient hour. Follow the hours when people are most likely to engage with your posts, and try to post accordingly. It is easy for your posts to be overlooked by people, as many people are following hundreds of people.

Why you should use the free Instagram account with 10K followers that Edza offers?

Today, Instagram is a big deal, believe it or not. And having a high number of followers is the key to having a nice Instagram account. Having an Instagram account with 10K followers will allow you so many things, including brand deals, easier enhancing on your account, and so many more.

free Instagram accounts with 10k followers

As Edza, we care about your happiness and we know that a free Instagram account with 10K followers will both make you happy and will be useful for you. So, there is no reason why you should not use the free Instagram account with 10K followers that Edza offers to you.

Why are we offering free Instagram accounts with 10K Followers?

Be familiar or not, Instagram is an indispensable part of today’s world. You might have thought of having an Instagram account or not for various reasons, and gaining followers on Instagram is not something easy to do. Having a large amount of Instagram followers can be in favor of you for many reasons, and some of them can be listed as follows

Here are them!

  • If you want to promote a business, a product, another social media platform of yours, or you just want to become an influencer, then there is no other better platform than Instagram. Instagram has thousands of millions of users, and there are lots of people who use Instagram as a source of income. If you have read the tips we gave you in this article, starting with 10K followers will make things much easier.
  • We want you to be happy. If a free Instagram account with 10K followers will make you happy, then there is nothing else for us to do but provide you with relative information. As you may already know, as Edza we offer lots of other free services like this for you to benefit from, and a free Instagram account with 10K followers is only one of our services.
  • Getting a free Instagram account with 10K followers can also be in favor of you as you will be able to grow your Instagram account faster. People usually build trust in accounts that had gained other people’s trust earlier, so people will less likely to hesitate to follow an account with 10K followers in comparison to a less amount of followers.
  • You will be able to make some deals with brands. Today, one of the main advertising tools is social media and Instagram is a huge part of social media advertising. Brands want to make deals with accounts that have lots of followers, to promote their product or service. You can earn money from those deals, in addition to getting free samples of products or services for you to promote them.

Frequently asked questions about Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media app that allows you to spend some fun time, share your moments, and find interesting information. Today, there are over 700 million Instagram users that love posting and seeing others’ posts. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Instagram that you might want to know.

What is the main purpose of Instagram?

Instagram is a visual social media platform that allows you to share pictures, videos, have a business account, and so many more. If you like sharing your moments via visuals and you would like the see others’ visual posts, then Instagram is the best option for you.

free Instagram accounts with 10k followers

What is an Instagram business account?

Today, not only persons but businesses can have an Instagram account as well. Having a business account means that you can promote your business on Instagram and show what you do in general. Having a business account allows you to build more trust in your target audience. Free instagram account: carnfinilak58 Password: ebtorpixma

Can I earn money from Instagram?

The simple answer is yes, you can earn money from Instagram. If you have an enhanced network with lots of followers, then brands would want to make collaborations with you. This means that they will either pay for you to promote their products or services, or they will give you free products for you to promote them.

How old should I be to use Instagram?

There is no age limit for Instagram.

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