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Free Netflix Account 2021 April – Updated Version!

Recently preferred by many people for a great movie or series enjoyment, Netflix allows you to bring international media productions to your home. The subscription possibilities of this platform are really huge. You can have accounts that will provide an enjoyable viewing experience for yourself, your extended family group, and all your loved ones. As a matter of fact, although the possibilities are excellent, the prices are still quite high. But thanks to the options we will offer you, you will be able to get a completely free Netflix account. And hey, don’t leave early! Free accounts with passwords are in the following sections of the article!

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Safest Free Netflix Accounts 2021

There are really many ways to get a free Netflix account in 2021. Considering that this platform includes TV programs, films, anime, documentaries, and much more, we really understand that you want to have an account there. First of all, let’s say this: The first way to get a completely free Netflix account is to have a trial account without even having to enter your credit card information. Hey, we’ll talk about that in detail too.

How To Get Netflix Free Trial Account without Giving Credit Card Info

If you want to have a Netflix free account, you must first go to Netflix’s official site on PC, mobile or tablet. Then you can have a free trial account by following the steps below.

  1. Click ‘Join Now’ on Netflix’s site.
    having netflix free account trial
  2. Then review the plans. If you wish, you can experience a free trial month even with the highest plan. Isn’t it great for you?having netflix free account trial
  3. Select any of the plans and then click on ‘Create account’. After this step, you will be able to create your account easily. Use your e-mail address for this. Make sure you provide an address you can access.
    having netflix free account trial
  4. Choose your payment method. Do you prefer the credit card option or the debit card? Make up your mind. Then define your phone number in your account.
    having netflix trial account
  5. You also need to define which devices you will use Netflix on. Finally, enter the member names.
  6. It’s that simple. You now have a Netflix free account. You will be able to enjoy all the features of Netflix for a full month at no cost.
    netflix account free

You have completed the steps above and got a free Netflix account for a month. At the end of this month, you can easily and quickly get a new free account with a different phone number, e-mail address, and IP address. You can repeat this over and over again without any problems.

Virtual Cards are The Best!

Virtual cards are a great option if you want to have a Netflix trial account more than once but need another credit card. It is possible to say that Netflix accepts almost all payment methods. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Netflix receives payments with Visa Card, Master Card, and all different payment methods such as American Express Rupay. You can continue to benefit from the free Netflix account for a while by connecting a virtual card that is connected to your bank card but is closed to internet shopping or has a limited limit to Netflix. It’s that simple!

Do You Know About Netflix Cookies?

When you enter a website through a browser, cookies are saved and cookies can be offered to users without the need to reload the site each time. It is possible to download the cookies saved in your Chrome account and then watch Netflix productions for free through them. Don’t you think it’s a great feature? We really loved it!

Request a Screen from Netflix Account Bought by Someone

Some membership plans of Netflix allow you to watch Netflix on more than one screen. For this, a separate sub-account is defined for each user. If users wish, they can add an additional 4-digit password to their account. What we mean is that you can use the Netflix account for free with your family or friend’s account.

Any News About Promotional Codes?

The promo codes offered can help you experience Netflix completely free of charge for a certain period of time, or buy a package at a much lower price than its original price. To do this, use the promo code on the purchase page and easily go through the steps. Promo codes are really easy to find on the internet!

Free Netflix Premium Accounts 2021

If you are looking for a free Netflix account that is completely reliable and will give you a premium, not a standard account, what you need to do is really simple. We offer accounts that are reliable and work really well for you. Thanks to the detailed research we have done, each of these accounts can offer you long-lasting pleasure.

watch netflix free

Generally, in order to get free premium Netflix accounts, it is necessary to define virtual cards and purchase trial accounts as we have explained before. Although it cannot withdraw money via virtual cards, Netflix continues to offer users accounts for a very significant time. Usually, each of the accounts we provide below works for at least six months. That would mean great savings, right?

Limitations You May Face About Netflix Free Premium Account

Remember, you may encounter some limitations in the usage processes of these accounts we offer you. But you must be guessing this already. These limitations are not related to Netflix services, but to account personalization.

  1. For example, it is not possible to change the password and e-mail address registered credit card or phone number of your account.
  2. You cannot change the subscription type either.
  3. You cannot turn the account into a locked account that belongs to you.
  4. It’s that simple. The reason for this is that you do not have the source e-mail addresses or phone numbers that provide verification for the account. Apart from these, you will experience a real and original Netflix experience.
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